Respected Antitrust Attorneys in New York

Plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust matters count on Walker Law LLP to protect their interests. The firm, based in Pound Ridge, has diligently represented clients in state and federal courts across New York and around the United States in anti-competition matters for nearly 40 years.

Antitrust attorney Craig M. Walker prosecutes and defends claims made under the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act and New York anti-competition law. When civil antitrust claims evolve into criminal investigations, we protect client interests.

Keeping tabs on ever-changing antitrust law
Walker Law LLP closely monitors emerging trends in antitrust law in order to provide optimal counsel to the firm’s commercial clients. We believe effective antitrust representation includes counseling clients on risk management. We provide strategic advice regarding mergers and acquisitions and effective pre-merger counseling to avoid catching the eye of antitrust enforcement agencies.

For clients who come under government scrutiny, we apply extensive experience in antitrust regulatory and enforcement matters to protect their interests. We have handled antitrust enforcement matters before the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

We have significant experience providing antitrust counsel in a wide range of industries. Our experience includes claims alleging:

  • Bid-rigging
  • Conspiracy
  • Exclusive dealing arrangements
  • Horizontal market allocation
  • Intellectual property misuse
  • Monopolization
  • Price discrimination
  • Price fixing
  • Restraint of trade
  • Tie-in arrangements
  • Unfair competition
  • Unilateral conduct
  • Vertical and horizontal arrangements

We also have substantial experience handling antitrust appeals.

Reliable antitrust counseling and litigation in New York
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